Can I morph model at runtime?

Hello everyone!
I’m working on a game that I want my player can modify the model by themselves.(like the creature editor in Spore but simpler a lot)
But I’ve no idea how can I realize this. Is it complex if I just want to put a glob of mud (or a piece of paper) and player can change it with mouse instead of hand? Could you give me some suggestion? Any help will be appreciated.

if it’s just attaching or removing objects. thats very easy. this is done in the “looking and gripping” sample which comes with your panda installation.

for deforming characters such as scaling single bones to make him fat/tall/etc, that’s still reasonably simple. afaik disney is doing this in Pirates.

modifying objects such as creatures in spore is a bit more tricky. it requires you to take care of generating the new mesh based on whatever techniques you want to use. may it be metaballs or voxels or volumes or whatever. if you can calculate that, panda can display it. modifying this data at runtime is not terribly efficient so it shouldn’t be done every frame on many objects at once(usualy not the case with character customisation anyway). but it certainly works with panda.

there is also a procedural geometry sample in panda which might get you started in case you want to create geometry from scratch.

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ThomasEgi, Thank you for replying.
Actually, what I want is just something “tricky”… I’m considering to look at the structure of .egg file. Is it possible to realize this by modifying the egg file? About generating new mesh, do you mean that I need to create every single mesh or just calculate the total of mesh? Sorry I’m not clear very much with your idea. I know there is a “MeshDrawer” class but I havent used it.

well since you have not really described what you want to do. i cant tell you what you have to do. so. if you would describe what you want panda to do we can tell you how you can acomplish that goal

hmm… I want start with a piece of paper (and then considering to handle a glob of mud). I want that my players could “pick up” a corner of the paper, and fold it to something they want, like animals, geometry etc., as what they can do with paper in reality.

For now, I think I could set many points and modify their coordinate to achieve this. But it’s quite expensive in computation…

Thank you for helping.

whowa… those are rather complex modifications on geometry. as simple as they sound. for the paper-folding you most likely need to manually write teselating functions. for the mudball well marching cubes and voxels should do the trick.
all i know is .i wouldnt want to implement this. thought it would be cool to have such stuff, allows nice other effects.
with modifying egg data and mashdrawer you’r most likely on the right track.

… You taked a beating on me… let me start from paper first…
One more question, if there is no texture on paper, need I still write tessellating functions?

p.s. is the new title more exact of my question? (I’m not a native)