Can I make game with panda3d for Android?

Can I make a game with panda3d for Android?
If is not possible when will panda3d able for that and when panda3d achieve to it?
I will happy to know that

I heard about kivy that can convert python game into mobile app, but i didn’t test it yet.

No, kivy is not a game engine
Kivy is a cross-platform mobile development framework for python that support the opengl 2 only
And is not suitable for 3d rendering and 3d games
Also kivy has not any physics and game engine tools, you can do it with kivent ( a game engine based on kivy but only for 2d games)

I want to make 3d and 2d games for all platforms using panda3d

i also want to do that, i searched little bit i found that there is a possibility to convert .exe to .apk using some softwares but i am not sure if it will work properly.

I don’t think this is a good idea.