Can I load BSP/CSG maps into Panda3D and use entities?

I’m trying to learn about game development and Panda3D looks like a good engine to use but I have a few questions…

  1. Can I load BSP (CSG?) maps into Panda3D? For example, I’d like to use 3D World Studio to design a CSG map and then import it to Panda3D to use. Can I do this?

  2. Also, does Panda3D support entities? I’m not sure if I’m asking the correct question but I’d like to place entities down in my map creator (3D World Studio?) and then script them using Panda3D.

Thanks for any help!

Panda has no import of BSP built in. However it should be able to load the .X exported from this studio (to be tested for confirmation).
Likewise it imports the .X generated from DELED Editor (which is free and got a lot of prefabs also).

Regarding the entity, you will need to create a parser to recover the entities from the Studio file format and then code them in Panda.

Note that Python is very battery included to parsing file (xml, regexp,list manipulation)

So, no direct integration but possible to build one…