Can BulletHeightFieldShape be scaled?

I was wondering if there’s any way to set the x/y grid spacing of a bullet height field. At the moment, it’s set a little too small for my purposes. My alternatives would be to shrink all my other geometry, or use a mesh collision shape based on the visible geometry. Anyone run into this issue before?

Just apply a scale to the BulletRigidBodyNode:

np.setScale(Vec3(sx, sy, sz))

Thanks very much. BulletRigidBodyNode.setScale() wasn’t in the API documentation, and I hadn’t bothered to check it out for myself. Calltips have made me lazy!

It’s not on BulletRigidBodyNode, it’s a method of NodePath. BulletRigidBodyNode is a PandaNode like any other, so you can simply set the transformation in the same way you would to every other node.

For some reason the doxygen generated API docs don’t show that BulletRigidBodyNode is inherited from PandaNode. am I missing something inside the header files, which keeps doxygen from picking up the inheritance?

Hmm, the class definitions look right to me. Can you file a quick bug report for this? Otherwise I’ll probably forget to look into it.

Thank god - I was thinking I would have to add a whole other layer of abstraction to apply any transformations to it. I’ll check back in a while and add a bug report if you didn’t get a chance.