can any1 help?


Ive downloaded the new panda3d 1.2.2…but i cant seem to open it ive got the greetings card and things but the software isnt there … has any1 else seen this problem???


The greeting card is a demo program that is written using Panda, so if you’re seeing the greeting card, you’ve successfully installed Panda.

Panda is a development tool; it’s not an application. You can use it to write your own applications, but there’s no “panda” software to launch in that sense.


How do i write my own aplications

The best way to dive into Panda is to read the Panda Tutor
Loading the Grassy Scenery is a very simple Panda app

Check out this link too: … ght=module

It has a very nice tutorial for ‘absolute beginners’ to Panda. It tells you how to write your very first script and how to use the Command prompt to run Panda.

Good luck with it.

how do i make a .py file… im dumb

You should really read the posts and links provided. They explain everything you need to know about creating a ‘.py’ file and then running it through Panda3D.

As a note though because there seems to be some confusion, ‘.py’ files are essentially text files with a ‘.py’ extension rather than a ‘.txt’ extension.

Hi Killz, it sounds like you’re a total beginner to Panda3D and to programming in general, and that’s ok, everybody has to start somewhere and using Panda is one of the best ways to learn (at least, it has been for me :smiley:).

First off, a .py script can be written in Notepad (this program is already installed on all Windows computers). To make it a .py file, you just save it as “” (with " " quotes at the beginning and end of it).

I’ll give you a word of advice though, DON’T use Notepad to write your Panda scripts. Using Notepad will make learning to program much, much harder :imp:. I think the best thing you can do, is to use a proper python editor. I use Pype (which is completely free and makes writing python scripts a whole lot easier) here’s the link:

If you’re using Windows, download the PyPE You don’t need to install this program, you just download and unzip it somewhere, then open the unzipped folder and double-click on the Pype icon to run it (or right-click on the icon and send it to the desktop as a shortcut, then simply run it by double-clicking the icon on your desktop).

If you get stuck, or need more help, just ask. I’m only just learning myself, but the folks around here are a pretty nice bunch and I’m sure they’ll try to help you :smiley:


Nothing directly on topic, but nice work tiptoe. Just wanted to say that… :wink:

Regards, Bigfoot29