Camera size, position, rotation etc

So I have a scene (in blender), I render it to get a 2D image.

What I want to do is use this image as a background image in Panda3D and then manipulate 3D characters/objects on-top of it. I’ve managed to do this and have a Panda walking around on top of the “scene”.

The problem I have is that I can’t get the Panda3D camera the same as the one I used (in blender) to render the scene … so the Panda doesn’t look quite right (as perspective sets in).

Ideally I’d like to export the camera from blender and then import it into Panda3D; any ideas?


Hi, welcome to the forums!

ThomasEgi explained what you need.

Thanks for the reply … unfortunately that doesn’t work. My problem is less getting the camera into the right location/rotation but getting the FOV and filmSize correct.



Ok, so you could write a little Blender script which exactly exports the information you need from Blender; or you could export your scene from Blender in a format which preserves the information of cameras (I think Collada does this), and you could extract from the exported file what you need.