Camera perspective switching

I would like to use the Roaming Ralph demo to switch from the third person to first person view. For example, I want to move the camera to Ralph’s position, and look away from him in the direction he is facing.
Can someone show me how I can do this?

i dont think that is the only thing you want to do. You also want a fps like movement where you turn with the mouse. If you just set the camera to his positions when you turn with the errow keys you will not see where he is turning. I suggest looking at some FPS demos on the site.

I’m not really interested in a FPS. I only want to switch the camera between first and third. When the camera is in the first person, then I will change to lookat an object, so that the camera is looking from Ralph toward that object. After he finishes looking at the object, the camera switches back to third person. Hope I am not confusing anyone. Thanks

Are you sure though, that you need to use the mouse in fps?

So kinda like the when you switch to first person view in Psychonauts to take a closer look at objects? There are two ways to go about this I think, immediately switching to first person or having a smooth transition where the camera moves from first person to third person (which would have a maybe annoying delay).

If you’re going to immediately switch, you just have to find the position of ralph, add an offset the rotation and position and place the camera there. If you’re going to have the camera controllable from this view I think you will want some sort of FPS-ish camera control. You should probably also keep the position of your third person camera so you can move the camera back to position.

To transition it smoothly I guess you have to figure out your starting position and end position and then use a LerpInterval to make your camera smoothly travel from the two positions.

Thanks for the infomation. I’ll see what I can do.