Calling render from anywhere?

Is it possible to call the global render from a basic class that doesn’t inherit from ShowBase or DirectObject?
I have some of the following code that I’m trying to render from

class Chunk(object):
    Basic Chunk

    def __init__(self, params):
        self.blkArray = np.zeros([self.chunkSizeX,self.chunkSizeY,self.chunkSizeZ],dtype = int)

    def render(self):
        self.mesh = CubeModelGenerator.MeshGenerator()
        self.mesh.makeFrontFace(0, 0, 0, [52,160,46,0])
        self.mesh.makeBackFace(0, 0, 0, [52,160,46,0])
        self.mesh.makeRightFace(0, 0, 0, [52,160,46,0])
        self.mesh.makeLeftFace(0, 0, 0, [52,160,46,0])
        self.mesh.makeTopFace(0, 0, 0, [52,160,46,0])
        self.mesh.makeBottomFace(0, 0, 0, [52,160,46,0])
        cube = render.attachNewNode(self.mesh.getGeomNode())

    def Update(self):

If you want, you can call base.graphicsEngine.renderFrame(), though that will do just the rendering. (Because of double buffering, you need to call it another time to see the results of the first frame.)

This won’t include all other updates like collisions etc. If you want that too, then you need to do taskMgr.poll().

Thanks much appreciated