Call for C++ Documentation Volunteers

[Documentation: Missing example of Bullet Physics ... Code!) It’s not tested on Windows or Mac yet, but I except that can help :slight_smile:.

Good coding.

I have taken a while to update CXX Bullet docs, anyway I commited my samples and I’ll do the missing ones when I have time, :smiley:.

:smiley: C++ tutorials are ready to be released! :smiley:

detialed in … 4183#84183

working on

Probably will have a tutorial before i will have much stuff for the manual.

By the way, I had finished experiencing on movie texture, texture projection, (dynamic) 3D enviroment texture and so on. They are amazing features of Panda3D, hope our fellows will benefit from these functions one day!

i want to help until i get mature on Panda3d API, i can collaborate .