Call a function from a collider

I have a collision between two objects. When those two objects collide I want to delete the from object. I am using CollisionHanlderEvent and can’t figure out how to get the collision function to call the delete function of the object’s class. I can get the nodepath and collisionsphere but those don’t allow me to access the functions of the class that the object is from. Does anyone know of a way to do this?

Yes, this is a commonly asked question. One way to achieve it is by setting the class as python tag:

object = MyObjectClass()
object.nodePath.setPythonTag("obj", object)

Later, when you have just a NodePath, you can retrieve the class instance by doing:

object = collidedNodePath.getNetPythonTag("obj")

PythonTag eh…

Sometimes i feel like i am always doing things the hard way.

Disregard this stuffs

I havent found a clever (built in) way of doing this yet; but i use the nodepath/tag info you can set up in panda (info can be grabbed off of the CollisionEntry)

Simple way would be to set a tag on all of your objects that you would need access to(from the collision event or entry), perhaps a unique integer or string or whatever. I have a class that keeps a dictionary whos keys are these unique identifiers, and the corresponding value is a reference to that class.

#in setup
self.myId = someUniqueInteger
self.nodepath = loader.loadModel("blah.egg")
self.nodepath.setTag("collisionId", self.myId)
collisionDictionary[self.myId] = self #where self here is the class that has this node object

##later in collision function
fromNode = collisionEntry.getFromNodePath()
id =fromNode.getNetTag("collisionId")

fromClass = collisionDictionary[id]

Yeah, that works great pro-rsoft. I hadn’t even considered that you could pass that much information with the tag system. I was already passing tags for handling stuff but I didn’t know you could pass the whole object as a tag. Don’t feel bad rwhughst I liked your way of doing it better, sadly it is more code intensive and would require me to handle a bunch of diffferent exceptions. The fact that I am notoriously apt to use the simplest(and least work intesive) method strikes again.

Hah im going to go change my code to use the python tag now ha