C++ Panda

Is C++ programming with P3D as sharp is Python Programming? That is, are C++ APIs uptodate with Python APIs?

At some point in the future, I would want to make that switch to C++, but only if I can do the same things I’m doing now with Python.

I don’t want to get into this Cython thing. I’ve seen that over the internet. I would rather go pure C++ if it’s possible.

Panda is a C++ engine with a Python layer.

Everything you can do in Python, you can do in C++. Some things are clumsier in C++. For instance, a few classes (like Actor and DirectButton) only exist in Python, but these Python classes are just convenience wrappers around the actual C++ implementation (like Character and PGButton) which you can use instead, just with a bit more effort.

Of course, you could argue that everything is clumsier in C++, so this shouldn’t be a real impediment. But I’d hate to start a language war. :slight_smile:


So I could import P3D modules using a C++ style and start scripting away in C++ with no issues?

I would imagine things would have to be structured differently, like loader.loadModel(). I supect that’s a python way of writting that and it would be different using C++.