C++ hello world tutorial #3 's code doesn't work?

hey there ! I’m new to using panda3D after a long battle with Ogre3D =] !
anyway , I was following the hello world tutorial at the manual , and everything was good until I reached the 3rd lesson here :
panda3d.org/manual/index.php … the_Camera

i tried compiling the code , everything went ok , then after the application finishes compiling , an error message pops up saying :

Microsoft visual studio C runtime library has detected a fatal error in panda1.exe

press Break to debug the program or continue to terminate the program.

and it’s weird , cause the code for the first two tutorials compiled and ran well.

I’m using Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express as my IDE here , with Panda3D version 1.7.0

another question , is there any other tutorials for C++? or do you recommend me to learn python more?

I would appreciate any help , thank you.

Hey, welcome to the forums!

You need to use Visual Studio 2008, not 2010.

I have this same problem. Is there any workaround that lets you use 2010?

You can use any compiler you like if you’re willing to build everything from source. It’s only when you use the pre-built DLL’s that you’re constrained to use the same compiler that also generated those DLL’s.