ButtonThrower and DirectDialog: mouse-up, but not mouse-down

I have a situation in which I’m showing a DirectDialog while using a ButtonThrower (specifically, “base.buttonThrowers[0].node()”) to detect key- and mouse- events. For the most part this seems to work well, with one exception: for some reason, mouse-down events don’t seem to be getting through. I’m receiving mouse-up events, key-down events and key-up events, but not mouse-down events.

(The first of those seems particularly odd: why do I get mouse-up events, but not mouse-down events? o_0)

A little experimentation seems to indicate that the problem lies with the “fadeScreen” used by DirectDialog: removing that (by changing the value assigned to the “fadeScreen” keyword to 0 in the construction of the DirectDialog) causes mouse-down events to once again come through–albeit at the cost of allowing me to click on objects behind the dialogue, which I don’t want to have happen.

What way–if any–is there of dealing with this? Ideally, I’d like to both keep the fadeScreen–thus preventing clicks on objects in the background as well as providing a nice “dimming” effect) and get all of the events that I’m attempting to get from the ButtonThrower.

(I apologise: I’ve just discovered that I have previously posted a thread on this topic-I fear that I had completely forgotten that I had created that thread, and so created this one in error. ^^;;; )