Bus error on MacBook


I’m unable to run the sample files. This is the fist time using Panda3d, version is 1.6.1. OS X leopard.

First I thought because of the intel integrated graphics limitation on this system but even with ‘load-display tinydisplay’ config does not seems to work.

MacBook-do-Hiro:Asteroids Leonardo$ python Tut-Asteroids.py
DirectStart: Starting the game.
Known pipe types:
(all display modules loaded.)
Assertion failed: _core != (ConfigVariableCore *)NULL at line 264 of built/include/configVariable.I
Bus error

This error has been noticed and will hopefully be fixed soon. In the meantime use 1.6.0, that works great on OSX.

Thank-you very much for the reply.

I’ve put the Mac build offline for now, so no more people will get confused.

I’ve put a threadless build on the download page, that is supposed to work, but unables you to use Panda’s threading mechanisms. Try that.

Downloading now, I’ll tell you if it works.

ADDITION: The couple samples I’ve tested thus far work, thanks! I’ll test more and edit this post if any problems come up.