Bump/detail mapping a textured egg terrain model.

I have had great success using Freeworld3D to create complex terrain models with beautiful texturing. FW3D allows me to export my terrain heightmap as a Wavefront OBJ file and it allows me to consolidate all of my textures into on large 2048X2048 texture map. I load the exported map into Polytrans and reduce the polygon count to a small fraction of the exported model. Then I convert the model for use in Panda3D. I end up with fairly complex terrains in the form of an egg model and a single texture map.

Now, I wish to augment the existing texture with some sort of bump or detail map. I have experimented with multitexturing at the GeomNode level but I am unable to apply the same technique at the NodePath level. Any ideas on how to approach bump mapping an existing model with an existing texture? I might be as simple as retrieving the GeomNode from the NodePath and applying my old technique.


No ideas?

I myself have wrote a shader which can handle detail textures. The result is a quite detailed textured terrain, and you blend the textures together using an alpha map.

If you want it, just give a scream, but its easy to create this yourself. Just make a pixelshader, and output the color (texture1 * alphamap1 + texture2 * alphamap2) etc.

I would love to do it with a shader but unfortunately I have no clue when it comes to shaders. So …

AAAAAHHHHHHH!!! (Scream :smiley: )

Maybe looking at an example of a simple shader would help.

All I really want to do is to add a little detail to the terrain so that when I am up close to it I can get a little depth perception between the terrain and any objects placed on it. My base texture is 2048^2 and covers like 20 kilometers of space so … while it looks great from a few hundred meters in the air, it is difficult to look at when on the ground.

I was successful in doing this with a flat terrain (a simple quad) and I was assigning textures to a GeomNode instance then embedding the GeomNode into a NodePath and attaching it to the scene graph. If I could get a handle to the GeomNode in my EGG model then maybe I could use the old technique. Is this possibe?