Bullet SoftBody Rope Anchors error

Hi, having a issue with the rope anchors.

EDIT: Let me add what I’m trying todo is, connecting the player which is a ball with a box via rope, so that the player can pull the box around…

Inside my createRope()

The _object[0] is this: contactNode = result.getNode() which comes from another method i use to get the Line of sight to the “box” i want the rope to connect to from the player.

# PhysicsWorld info
    	info = self.player.game.physicsMgr.info

    	res = 8
    	p1 = Point3(_playerPos)
    	p2 = Point3(_object[1])
    	fixeds = 3

    	bodyNode = BulletSoftBodyNode.makeRope(info, p1, p2, res, fixeds)
    	bodyNP = self.player.game.physicsParentNode.attachNewNode(bodyNode)

    	# Visualize the rope
    	geom = BulletHelper.makeGeomFromLinks(bodyNode)
    	visNode = GeomNode('')
    	visNP = bodyNP.attachNewNode(visNode)

    	# Glue it
    	idx = bodyNode.getNumNodes() - 1
    	first = bodyNode.getClosestNodeIndex(p1, True)
    	last = bodyNode.getClosestNodeIndex(p2, True)

    	bodyNP.node().appendAnchor(first, _playerBody.node())
    	bodyNP.node().appendAnchor(last, _object[0])

So yeah I have tried a bunch of different things, and I can’t get it to work. I may have messed it up even more actually…