bullet softbody patch/rope attached and deform a geom


There´s some way to make bullet softbody patch/rope to deform a already done Geom, like a jacket/whip already done in blender?

I try use BulletSoftBodyNode.makeTrimesh but i have two problems:

a) it don´t deform the geom used as model , and
b) i don´t know how to add anchors properly

Someone knows the easy way to do that? Or if is possible ?


You could have a look at the sample 24_SoftbodyTri. there are a few lines commented out which load a torus model (done in Blender) and use this geom to create a soft body.

thanx buddy
sorry 4 late response … i´ve some problem with net :slight_smile:

Can you tell me where is 24_SoftbodyTri ?


found them here on bullet page in maula section of the site

direct link = http://enn0x.p3dp.com/bullet-samples.zip

Thank you !