bullet performance

Any way to improve performance in a game using bullet?

Hi -

At least two ways may be possible (works in my case for RigidBodies - not tested with SoftBody)

  1. Using the Panda threading model

It gives me an immediate x2 fps boost (30fps to 60fps) with 250 simultaneous objects.

core.loadPrcFileData('', 'threading-model /Draw')

Easy to implement and very effective in my case.

  1. Regularely removing Bullet objects you don’t need anymore

Let’s say you have 250 Bullet objects falling down the ground which is made of a thin box shape. Some objects will ‘bounce’ on the ground and continue to fall down. You don’t see them and you don’t need them anymore: so you remove them from BulletWorld() and from render:it will decrease the unnecessary calculation and therefore increase performance.

This is a kind of “Culling system” but applied to Bullet objects (you can use for example a huge BoundingSphere to test objects and remove them once they are out of it).