[BULLET] Make vehicle collide against ground

I have a vehicle which is already set up and works fine driving in a plane, but I have a model with collision nodes and would like this vehicle to drive in that model, what do I need to do to make this model collidable with bullet so I can drive my car on it without falling through it?

Are the collisions nodes BulletBodyNodes? My guess is you’re unintentionally trying to mix Bullet objects with Panda3D physics objects. If so, take a look at the manual section on Bullet. In particular you’ll want to look at the Bullet Hello World and the Bullet Collision Shapes sections to learn how to create Bullet physics shapes for the models you want to be able to drive on.

I have figured it out, actually I had CollisionNodes in my model so all I had to do was:

from panda3d.bullet import BulletHelper
solids = BulletHelper.fromCollisionSolids(myModel)
for solid in solids:

Thanks anyways!