Bullet : ghost collision problem


I am using bullet for few times now, and I am using (see other post) a ghost node to detect future collision on the way of my ship.

In my world, I got 500 asteroids rendered, a big station, and a spaceship.

when I use

 	for node in ghost.getOverlappingNodes():

to detect collision with my ghost node, the station appears immediately, but my ship is far away of it.
I make appear the debug wireframe, and there is no collision between the two objects.

I even tried to make it far away (setPos (0,300000,0))
I don’t know where to search, an idea?

Maybe a problem in my egg?

Sorry, I don’t understand what you’re describing. But I have no experience with Bullet anyway.


“getOverlappingNodes” checks for overlap of bounding boxes. So you will get overlaps some time before you will get a contact.

For contact test use “contactTest(body)” or “contactTestPair(body1, body2)”.

OK I will test contacttest, and not overlapping…