Built in Physics - Sample code?

Hello All,

I was amazed with the Bullet samples covering a wide range of use-cases. However, the manual seems to encourage using the built-in engine for simple physics as it has better integration with panda collision system.

Question: Is there code sample available for it (similar to Bullet samples)?

I don’t think the built-in physics should be encouraged by the manual; Bullet is a fine choice for most games requiring more advanced dynamics, and the built-in collision system is a good choice for games that just need to prevent things going through walls. The built-in physics system is mostly used in cases where you need some basic forces acting on things and not much more than that.

That said, I think the Ball in Maze sample use the built-in physics.

Thanks for the quick reply RDB. I will go with Bullet.

BTW… manual states “When you have a very simple simulation, you will most likely want to use the built-in physics, which works with Panda’s collision system.”. That is what I meant by “encouraging”.

More I learn about Panda more I like it. Amazing work.