Built-in Filters and Fog Conflict issues.


I’m really having trouble combining most of the filters like the engine fog and built-in volumetric lighting filters. So, besides the complete Render Pipeline package that I’m still yet to test fully, I haven’t seen any complete demo that features Panda’s official graphic capabilities and put all these awesome visuals together, at least with most of the built-in features working together.

So far this is my issues checklist:

Built-in Filters
Ambient Occlusion: Ok
Bloom: Ok
Volumetric Lighting & Fog: Working but in conflict
HDR and Antialiasing Multisample: No solution

Code Snippets
Directional Lighting Shadows: Complete Setup or Example?
PSSM Solution: Added to default engine features/release?

Maybe someone knowledgeable can answer once and for all or put up a complete simple code with all these altogether? or at least can find it’s way to future example release.

Thank you guys so far for all the help. :slight_smile: