Building Panda3D without doing stuff in /etc/

Hi everyone, especially rdb,

is it possible to build Panda3D without needing /etc/ For inclusion of Panda3D into Debian and Ubuntu (and all the other derivatives), we need to workaround this behaviour. I’m more or less reproducing the packaging process from makepanda. There could also be an issue with RPATH.

For more informations, have a look here: … =797888#91

Thank you very much.

Yes, no problem. We would only have to put the libraries in /usr/lib/triplet/ instead of /usr/lib/triplet/panda3d/ . could be patched to accept that as an option.

I would oppose the use of RPATH.

FYI, we guarantee binary compatibility between minor Panda3D releases, so the package should be called panda3d1.9, not 1.9.0.

Thank you for doing this!