Building Nirai panda3d on Windows 7 without Visual Studio

I am attempting to compile a Panda3d game to a single executable using the Nirai compiler. They are using what seems to be a vanilla (or nearly vanilla) source of Panda3d (v1.9.4). I noticed in the offical 1.9.4 Github readme, it stated this:

We currently build using the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 compiler. You do not need Microsoft Visual Studio to build Panda3D, though - the relevant compilers are included as part of the Windows 7.1 SDK.

I am attempting to build using only the Windows 7.1 sdk, yet attempting to build without Visual Studio complains about not finding a Visual Studio installation. Why is this?

The 7.1A SDK is a reduced version of the 7.1 SDK. It is likely that makepanda does not detect the necessary files.

I am not sure if 1.9.4 can be built with the 7.1A SDK. It may be necessary to edit the makepanda files and adjust some things to look in the locations to find the 7.1A SDK. It may however be easier just to install the 7.1 SDK.

I do have the full 7.1 sdk, and yet makepanda still looks in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\\VC\bin\amd64
and so it can’t seem to find the compilers there.

Perhaps it’s this problem?