Building 1.7.2 SDK for Windows

I’m trying to build Panda3d 1.7.2 for Windows (because I want to use Python 2.7). I have installed Visual Studio Express 2008 (C++), dxsdk_aug2006.exe, and the Windows Driver SDK (for ATL). However, it seems that build process can’t find ATL or DirectX. I get the following error:

[ 32%] Building C++ object built/tmp/vision_composite1.obj
To compile qedit.h you must install the DirectX 9 SDK, to obtain the dxtrans.h header.
c:\users\nakor\documents\projects\panda3d_src\panda3d-1.7.2\panda\src\vision\webcamVideoDS.cxx(76) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'atlbase.h': No such file or directory
Storing dependency cache.

Do I need to pass the installation directory of these items to makepanda somehow? Thanks.

It requires either a Pro version of Visual Studio, of the 2003R2 version of the PlatformSDK (linked on that manual page). Or, if you don’t need Webcam support, you can specify --no-directcam.

For months now I’ve been unable to build Panda with directcam, so it seems this is a recurring issue not fixed.

My config is (very standard):

VS2008 pro
Windows SDK 7.1
DirectX SDK (June 2010)

Since I’m not anylonger using directcam I compile with --no-directcam,
but I do think it would be nice to fix this for other community users!

You could install the 2003R2 SDK, linked on the manual page about compiling with VS2008.

Well certainly, but let’s be realistic, this SDK (2003R2) dates back to 2006!!!

Version 		                     SDK Version    Build Number 	      Release Date
Windows Server 2003 R2 Platform SDK       v5.2 	5.2.3790.2075.51 	2006-03-14 
.NET Framework 2.0 SDK (VS2005 Pro)   	v6.0   2.0.50727.42 	        2006-11-29
Windows Vista Update & .NET 3.0 SDK   	v6.0 	6.1.6000.16384.10 	2007-03-22
Included in Visual Studio 2008[6] 	    v6.0a 	6.1.6723.1 	        2007-11-19
Windows Server 2008 & .NET 3.5 SDK 	   v6.1 	6.0.6001.18000.367 	2008-02-05
Microsoft SDK for Windows 7 3.5 SP 1 	 v7.0 	6.1.7600.16385 	        2009-07-24
Included in Visual Studio 2010 	      v7.0a 	6.1.7600.16385 	        2010-04-12
Microsoft SDK for Windows 7  	        v7.1 	7.1.7600.0.30514 	2010-05-21

We’re now in fall 2011…

Then install the non-express version of Visual Studio 2008.

Personally I’m seeing the issue with the pro version…

It works fine for me. Perhaps you’re running the express version instead of the pro version?

Well this is my config:

VS2008 pro !!!
Windows SDK 7.1
DirectX SDK (June 2010)

It tries DX June2010 versus a former one… So this is the difference.

Obviously the and are modified accordingly!