building 1.5.2 with ppremake on ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron x64

I have been able to built dtools + panda following the instructions of “~/panda-1.5.2/doc/Install-PP” using ppremake + make + make install…
There seems to be no error within ppremake, make or make install of these two things… however when i try to start “pview” it always says:

and i have created and edited the Config.prc in my /usr/local/panda/etc and added line: “load-display pandagl”

but… it seems that hasn’t been built (at least i can’t find one on my pc) and pview is crying 4 it…

my system: ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron x64 edition

any suggestions how to built the ???

thanks in advance holyhead

I’ll admit that I’m not sure what your problem is, its been a while since I last compiled Panda now and I think that is one of those problems I only had to resolve once, i.e. months ago. But I do remember that you don’t build that .so - its a simple copy and rename of, so panda can keep its own version.

If you don’t need the bug fixes in 1.5.2 I’ve got a .deb for 1.5.1 that works on Hardy Heron x64 that you can get from my website - I haven’t bothered to compile 1.5.2 as its only bug fixes, and none that I need, but I intend to do 1.5.3 when it comes out, especially if it has physics in:-)

Sorry I can’t be of more help - if I was on my 64 bit machine I could hunt down that .so file, but I’m elsewhere right now.

i have been rebuilding the whole dtools + panda. i guess i know why wasn’t built: i forgot to add: #define BUILD_TYPE unix to the Config.pp file…

Now its working,
thank you for your help!!

greetings Fabian

A small note: the makepanda system is more recommended to use, since its fully automated and much easier to use than ppremake.

Let me correct a misunderstanding here: is not at all a copy of, but is in fact built during the normal Panda build. There are other .so’s that might be renames of system libraries, though, so I can understand the confusion.