Build Panda and Third Party source

Hi, I need to build Panda and Third party and I’d like to kow if there is a relation between optimize mode (1, 2, 3, 4) to build panda and the different configurations into third party (Debug/MinSizeRel/Release/RelWithDebInfo)

I guess to get the release version of Panda I need to set the --optimize 4 in MakeManda commande line. In this case, is the Release configuration of thirdparty is the corresponding configuration?



--optimize 4 would correspond to Release.
--optimize 1 and 2 would correspond to Debug.
--optimize 3 is a bit of a weird one, it is technically Release mode in that it has a lot of optimizations but we do include a lot of assertion checks and other debugging information. In our CMake scripts we created a new mode for this called “Standard”.

I think we built our thirdparty packages in Release mode. See:

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