Bubble input events up to parent window?


I have a parent window inside of which Panda has a rendering area. Is there any easy way to get key and mouse events from within Panda’s rendering area to automatically bubble up to the parent window? I’d like to avoid capturing them with Panda and using IPC to get them to the process controlling the parent window, if I can.


I fear there is no way around IPC. By the way, please tell me if you find a way to spawn key events in wx (I just assumed you use wxPython).

Hi Nemesis,

I’m actually using Pygame in another process to run the parent window.

May I ask what benefits you gain from that?

Not sure yet, I’m evaluating the combination of the two. My app does a lot of math and network traffic in the background, and there would be some advantages in my particular application if I could uncouple input handling from Panda’s frame rate. I had hoped to do that using Pygame, but it looks like it won’t be possible without delving into the C++. Might do that later.