Broken search?

If I search the Panda forums, I get results… but if I click to any page other than one, I get an error from Google:

The same happens if I type a new search in on the Google page. I have to click Back to the Panda3D initial search page to do a new search.

  • scratches head *


I get the exact same thing. I just use the built in forum search instead of the Google one to avoid problems.

You can manually edit the URL and append “&start=10” to get page 2 (=20 for page 3, etc.) Not very convenient of course.

i have the same problem too

I have the same problem.

Doesn’t work when the result you want is not on the first page! Hollower noted a work around - but it would be nice to just see it fixed. :slight_smile:


For the record, you could also search at Google and add inurl:forums to the search query.

I mean the search under the “Internal Search Query” heading. It uses the forum software instead of Google.