Broken animation

Hi everyone,

I’m not good at all in 3d modelling, so I decided to download some 3d models. The models are not animated, so I use mixamo to auto rig and animate them.

The issue is that mixamo only creates fbx or dae format, so I have to choose dae.

When I load the model and its animation as an Actor in my code, it either doesn’t run with the ‘modelroot’ error, so I decided to convert them into egg.

The T-pose model appears fine, but when I loop through the animation, it is completely upside down, see the images attached.

In the first and second ones you will see the T-pose and the animation when shown in mixamo, and the third one show the animation when in panda3d, though I just converted them into egg without touching anything else.

Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this ?

I’ve tried to convert with the -a option, trying every possible parameter, but nothing works.

I feel like there’s something to do with coordinates system but I don’t know

Since I’m newly registered, I couldn’t upload the files, so you can see them here Imgur: The magic of the Internet

By the way, can you guys explain what are the options from the -a in converting to egg ? (chan, pose, strobe…)

Thanks in advance.

I might recommend trying to import into blender first, verify the animation there, and then try to use blend2bam to get it into a bam file to load into panda3d.

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Thank you I will try that