Bpyregistry : chicken export


I am trying to export some blender models, and I got a significant error : Import Error: No module named BPyRegistry.
I’ve seen another post about that in the forum.
For in formation, I just install, and reinstall blender.
I got under Blender.blender\scripts this files:
bpydata\chicken\ch1.png … 12.png

I don’t have in the initial zip file any Bpyregistry anywhere…

Where can I have it? What is the solution?


The file BPyRegistry.py should exist in the bpymodules directory - you either have a damaged installation/installation media or you are overwriting the file when copying in the chicken files. If you are running Ubuntu its almost certainly the later, as the idiot who maintains Blender for Ubuntu sets up the bpymodules directory to be a link, so if you drag the contents of the zip file into that plugin directory the link gets overwritten with an actual directory, that doesn’t have any of the files in.

My chicken scripts come from sourceforge.net/projects/chicken-export/files/
I just unzipped them into blender/.blender/scripts.
There is no Bpyregistry.py files.
I am on Xp computer.

Your Blender install is wrong then - the missing file is provided as part of a standard Blender install, it is not part of Chicken. I really can’t say more than that without further information, but you need to fix your Blender install - without that file I doubt many Blender plugins run, and Chicken is no exception.

Right in fact, the point is that I’ve download the windows installer, and all scripts are in the installation zip, not on windows installer.

So for the further installation, don’t download the window installer, but zip file!


I’m sure that the .exe installer works - I suspect your looking in the wrong directory. If you read the installation guide provided with Chicken it details the various possible script directories Blender will use - your probably just using the wrong one. Mentioning this more for anyone who searches the forums with the same problem - as you now have a working install I would leave it alone!