box collision solid (request)?

ah i run into some trouble with my players collision and the existing collision solids because there is no box solid as “from” object. in my case rays are unusable due to small gaps in the ground, and spheres are bad because of their shape itself.
any chance to add a box collision solid to the existing ones?

We’d be more than happy to accept and incorporate the necessary patches from you. :slight_smile:


well I’m planning to familiarize myself with some parts of the panda source code when I’ve got some free time. I’ve allready taken a look at the collision detection algoritms and am planning to make a triangle a “from” collsionsolid
I’m not 100% sure how to do triangle vs polygon checks, but i guess triangulating the whole thing is allways an option

when (not sure when I have time) that is working I guess its quite simple to make a boundingbox collision object

if you’r looking for examples… well there should be dozens of opensource engines which box solids as from objects.
well for now i worked around it using a sphere but it’s still suboptimal.
was just an suggestion after all, there are a lot of things you use a box for… oh and in case someone is going to add boxes, throw in a cylinder,too =)

oh and david… i’m sorry but i dont think i’ll be able to this… i have no c++ skills at all :stuck_out_tongue: