Boolean operations with 3D meshes

Hello all,
Exuse me I’am not user of Panda3d I only select 3d engine for Python )
Can Panda3d make Boolean operations with 3D meshes ? … e/Booleans
Like Blender or 3ds max )

No, Panda3D does not have the ability to do boolean operations on meshes.
I think you will have a hard time finding an engine with such functionality included, as this is usually only found in 3D modeling software.
Panda is open source though, so it is possible to either write your own code or integrate some other open source library to perform such an operation.

You might try to use pyCSG. I used it to create boolean geometry functions in Poser Python, and it might be better-suited for game usage than PPy. Most of my trouble in Poser was trying to merge the split polygons returned by PyCSG, but such split polys might be preferable in Panda.

Note that the recursion methods used by the BSP tree in pyCSG can only handle low-poly meshes, as the script splits the BSP tree by every polygon. Give it too many polys and it will crash. I wasn’t able to overcome that limitation in my Poser implementation, sadly.