books for panda

Hey guys I came across this book on amazon … rogramming

the topics covered seem fairly good, anyone by chance read it or owns it?

I got a copy at home, its a good book for people who want to start from zero with pand3d, it covers a lot of basic topics and some medium level ones.

Unfortunetely its mostly in python although most of it can be ported to c++ quite easily.

The main problem is that if you are looking to use panda3d with c++ that book won’t answer a lot of questions that you can have when using c++ with panda (there are some differences imho).

I think the book is worth the money.

hope that helps.

The book contains a bunch of interesting recipes that you don’t see elsewhere, including some very specific things (eg reading from an Xbox controller).

There are also a few recipes that include C++ code, such as one that shows how to extend the ShaderGenerator class.

As with the other book from Packt, it seems to only address Windows users, however; though only a few of the recipes seem require the use of Windows software.

thanks for the reply, will invest in it. It’s perfect for me as I used to use python :slight_smile:

A Chinese Book for C++ and Python Users, Jan, 2013 … d=23162072