blurry texture in GTX1080


Since recently I use a GTX1080 GPU, however, textures on the surface are drawn blurry if viewed from a specific angle. If they are viewed from an other angle they look good again. This only occurs with the GTX1080 and not with older GPU’s using the same sources and environments.

In this image you can see that the road in front of me is blurry, while the top view shows a crisp (normal) road texture. I tried different drivers, or to change the negative LOD bias, but nothing helps. Does any one have suggestions that can help me further?

What do you have setup for texture filtering ( … lter_Types)? Anisotropic filtering is the usual solution for textures being blurry when viewed at an angle. However, I find it strange that changing the GPU would have much of an effect on the texture filtering. If you’re switching vendors, then maybe the GPU-generated mipmaps are different (assuming Panda3D uses GPU-generated mipmaps).

I do anisotropic filtering on all textures:

    for tex in np.findAllTextures():

Maybe its the GPU, I get a new one this week, so I can test whether its a fault in this specific GPU.

I have a 1070 myself, and I have noticed a fair number of bugs with their OpenGL drivers (some of which have since been fixed). This one is new to me, though.

It do wonder if the driver is overriding texture filtering settings. Make sure all the texture quality overrides have been disabled in the driver settings.

I tried a new GTX1080 and the same artefacts occurred. I found a solution though:
in the NVidia driver 3D settings, set Antialiasing Transparancy to Multi example instead of supersample. I normally use 4xsupersample, but this solves the problem for me.