Blur Filter on AutoShader-Shadow?

Hi, is there a way to apply a blur filter to the auto-generated shadow?
it seems, the auto-shader creates an offscreen buffer, which is viewable with “base.bufferViewer.toggleEnable”

so, how can i get a handle to that buffer?

i thought of something like:

buffer = somehowGetShadowBuffer()
self.filters = CommonFilters(buffer,

If you can’t do it manually, doesn’t sound like it would be hard to implement in Panda as there already is a code for blurring in CommonFilters.

light.node().setShadowSmooth(0.9) # 0.0 - disable smoothing, 1.0 most blurred

I don’t know how it works internally, so it might not be so easy as the shadow might “bleed” to other objects.
The shader gurus (rdb) might know.