Blox 2.0 Beta

I am getting ready to release Blox 2.0 final, and wanted to get some beta testing, and hopefully some level design.

The Blox executable, source and SDK can be found at

If you make any good levels, please email them to me and I will add them to the final release.

wxPython is needed, along with Panda 1.7.1 or larger. Since I use the Windows Bullet .dll, you will need to compile a different version if you run Linux or Mac.

If anyone would help me port this to Linux that would be great.

The links to download the source and SDK files are flipped on that website.

What? They should take you to DropBox.

When you click on the link to download the source, you download the SDK instead; the link for the SDK gives you the source.

Oh, I will fix that right away.

What did you think of it?


Fixed the website links, and added an Images page where you can find screenshots.

Couldn’t get it to run. It might be because I have 1.7.0 installed.

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 26, in <module>
    from panda3d.bullet import *
  File "C:\Panda3D-1.7.0\direct\ffi\", line 145, in __getattr__
    mod = self.__manager__.libimport(self.__library__)
  File "C:\Panda3D-1.7.0\direct\ffi\", line 126, in libimport
    return cls.imp.load_dynamic(name, target)
ImportError: DLL load failed: The specified procedure could not be found.

You will need 1.7.1 or greater to run it.

This is a limitation of Bullet.

If anyone has having problems downloading, I have changed the file host so it should work now.

A Windows executable is now available for download.

I tried it and the general impression is good. I appreciate the physics, especially.

Some points:* improve the deployment: Panda has great deployment tools, it’s a pity that Linux and OSX users can’t execute it

  • moreover, I’m convinced that if you provided a browser version of this game you would have more users
  • regarding the source, the wx is a heavy dependency, and I don’t view its importance in the game: if it’s only for the level selection, why didn’t you consider other alternatives?
  • regarding the gameplay, you could improve it with some ideas, for example enemies, showing a map (or a part of a map) if you find a powerup, or introducing a time limitation

Great job!


I would use TK, but the UI looks rather poor. If there was a simple way of doing selections using DirectGUI that would be perfect.

I don’t have a Linux system to test on, and the main problem porting is Bullet, though I think some work is being made in that section.

I have been thinking of a browser version. I have not been able to get the packing tools to work at all though. When I upgrade to 1.7.2 I will work on it.

It would be quite easy to added another camera that views the stage from far off, and render it to an on screen images. The reason I have not done this is because I thought the game would feel more like a maze without it. I might add an option though.

I don’t know about enemies. I would rather the difficultly come from the environment. I could do things like spike blocks and such, though.

Here are a few ideas I would like some feedback on:

Blocks that explode when a button block is pushed, and thus clearing the path.

Teleportal blocks, that can teleport you to another location.

Oh, and feel free to try out the SDK and create your own levels.

Tk with Panda requires an additional blank window because of an issue with Tk/Panda, right?

I have used it without setting up anything special.

dont want to get off topic, but I get a small blank window when I try to use Tk with Panda.
I think the same window is present in the Particle Panel sample program.

I have never seen this problem.

The original Blox uses Tk. You should be able to get the source here: [Blox)

Panda3D 1.8.0 should have Bullet support for Linux and OSX. Actually the snapshot builds already have Bullet included, but it’s not tested so far.

your original blox doesnt have this, its strange. Does the Particle panel have one for you?

BTW, the game has become easier.

Did you evaluate a DirectOptionMenu filled with the names of the levels files?

Sure, this is why I wrote that the map could be enabled by a powerup (maybe different powerups can enlarge the portion of the map you can view).

I agree, I was generic. With “enemies” I meant things which decrease the feeling of tranquility of the player.

This make the gameplay more various, good.

Hmm, I don’t know if this creates confusion. Maybe it could work with a map.

Particle panel? I dont even know what that is.

I dont think its easier; I just dont have any good levels yet.

Thanks for the input. I will get to work right away.