Blinking eyes animation

i want to make blinking eyes for a 3d face. and i do not know how to do it using bones. I tried to set weights to the mesh and an error appears.
eyes error.PNG


What error are you seeing? And do other animations work, with only this one failing, or do all animations fail?

Otherwise, I’d suggest looking online for tutorials on the subject–there should be some about, I would think!

the error is Bone Heat Weighting: failed to find solution for one or more bones. i just want to connect bones on the top of the eyes to make it blink. if you have an idea hoz to make eyes blinking with bones bro

Hmm… I’m not familiar with “bone heat weighting”! It’s not something that I’ve encountered in animating things in Blender. (Perhaps it was added in one of the newer versions?)

Still a quick search turned up the following–perhaps it’ll be of use to you?

This is a hard question to answer, because the obvious answer is: “the same way that you make anything else animate using bones”. But in this case, either that’s not working, in which case I fear that I don’t have much context to guide me, or it’s a matter of figuring out how to animate using bones in general, which seems like something that calls more for a tutorial than a forum-reply.

yeah sorry i know but i just need it urgent to make this animation with bones to import it to panda3d.

A tutorial is likely still going to be the fastest way, I feel: No waiting for forum-replies, no hoping that someone on the forum happens to know and is willing to going into something so potentially-complex, and so on.

However, if you prefer not to go to a tutorial, perhaps a Blender community might be more likely to provide answers to such a question as this? It seems to me that you’re more likely to find someone who knows what’s going on here in such a community than here.

Have you tried constructing a contiguous skeletal armature for the entire head, and then manipulating only the eyelid-bones on that? With enough fiddling you could probably do this with Automatic Weights.

no i didnt i just make one for entire head and another 6 in the eyes as you can see in the picture at the first comment when i try to use Automatic Weights qn error appears. i just need to make the eyes blink with that

Well, I suggest to try a contiguous skeletal armature – meaning a fully connected armature for the head. Having separate bones is possible but tends to be more complicated, in my experience.

connect them even if i need just horizental bones to blink the eye ?

Yes. Let’s say you have two “arms” coming from a head origin bone, one for each eye. From those “arm” bones you extend the eyelid bones into the eyelid meshes. Then, during animation, you have control over the entire head at once for keyframing.

i will try it and see if it works

As a heads up, Panda can also do morph target (aka shape key) animations, which are pretty popular for facial animations.

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oh really ? can i do eyes blinking and mouth mouvement directly with panda3d ?

You’ll still want to do the animations in Blender, but you can use shape keys in addition to armatures.

i need to drive shape keys with armatures you mean ?