Blender2Panda - Videotutorials

since there are always people asking for certain “how to get X from blender into panda” i decided to start with creating video-tutorials.

here’s the first one:
Baking normalmaps from highpoly to lowpoly models and export.

Animate your characters and export them correctly.

Tags and Dummy’s… as you requested.

feel free to request more.
i thought about re-doing my “lightmaps” tut.

Very nice, I like the text bubbles. I shall add a link to that video to Chickens manual, and any further once you produce:-)

Animation would be a very good idea to cover though - a lot of people get stuck with that one it would seem.

feel free to link. i’ll think about animations then.

Its a good tut, but I got lost at the end … erm and the begining. but thats nothing todo with your video :slight_smile: just need to work with Blender a but more and then come back.

Might I sugeest a video showing how to add tags such as the infamous “**/start_point”, thats the sort of things I’m looking around for atm anyway :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work.
Nyaaa :slight_smile:

P.S could I have a link to your wallpaper in that video :slight_smile: ? colorgradient was done using default gnome wallpaper functions

Thank you very, very much ^^ you may go back on topic ^*

Could you make a tutorial of how to export animations from blender and import them into panda to where you can run like roaming ralph? i tried and it said it couldnt load “models/world” when i didnt do anything with that part of the code

if you get a couldnt load model error you are missing files or you used wrong file names. be sure to double-check if all egg files for geometry and animation are existant and have correct pathes.
i have animation tutorial on my to-do. though i might have to wait till end of the month when my exams are over

after many requests i (almost) proudly present:
Blender2Panda: Animation

creating an ultra-low-poly character with armatures , a simple animation and get it into panda:)

Very nice - I shall add a link to that to the Chicken manual:-)

Very nice tutorial, thanks Thomas!

One small thing you might want to point out: When it came to painting the bone weights, you can use the W special menu to create a vertex group from that bone’s heat. It’s almost always not correct and needs hand-tweaking, but it saves a little bit of time.

Great, i planned to do some video tutorials on same topics quitesome time ago, but collegge got me, and forgot about that totally…

I plan to do this tutorials.
if i dont write it down, they will never be done…

  1. Make character with makehuman, export it, and opet it with blender.
  2. Reduce number of faces on that character
  3. Making of armature
  4. and finally animating

I would like to request something a bit more complicated.
It is not only about pipeline, its more about panda3d
Export mesh (preferably human character from makehuman) with chicken, and program (in panda3d) which can control shape of mesh.

To give you more details, here is what i am planning to do.
Make several meshes, few males and females of every race (yes, its probably going to be goblins and orcs and elves, but in a bit more modern world).
And then I would use one mesh, but many modified versions of it.
Like 100 human male type A NPCs, but each would look a bit different.
So game would load mesh and textures, and then load and apply these “Deformations”.

This would also be really cool showoff of engine.
I am having in mind something like Character Creation ediotr in Oblivion (yes, i know, game sucks, but i played it only because that detailed editor got me)

So virtually i would like to have an editor for these meshes (i am not asking for one, i just want example of how to do this)

  1. Video howing how to modify model in blender (vertex groups or some other approach if ti exists) and export it.
  2. Program to control mesh in realtime
    2.0 #Well documented please
    2.1. For example to control lips or eyes or anything, i need to see how to do it
    2.2 OPTIONAL Save-Load of Deformations (variations)

Here is video of Oblivions one editor

If this is too complex (i think it is, but i also think i am not only one who would gain much from this) and anyone isnt interested in doing this, could i please get some pointers to get me started.

your request requires the integration of shape-keys in chicken. i think that’s partially in already. but afaik you have to wait for it until blender 2.5 is released and chicken is rewritten to run on the new api.

and it is indeed a bit long for a single tutorial.
how to use blender is not part of my tutorials. they assume you know how to do things like creating more complex animation

Well it was worth a shot…
I thought this may be achieved by using vertex groups, but shape keys sure are a better way to go :wink:

nice tuts u made…now id like to know to know too what superpete wants to suggest, how to add tags like the “**/start_point”… hope you’d do our request…

keep it up! :slight_smile:
your whish has been granted

I’ve made one from makehuman and there are tutorials on the net to follow. … php?t=1128

In demomaster, I’ve made a small animation engine to drive the model:

Also a talking head:

And recently release the shape key support for blender. (in the talking head link).

wow very nice tutorial… now i know how to do it… thank you thank you very much!! you helped alot!! :smiley:

keep it up!! :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

Noobie question, but its driving me nuts, I can’t seem to get a simple blender animation to export. For some reason I can’t get the Animation list menu item to appear in the Chicken export panel. All that shows up is the Status list, which says No Apparent Problems when I select my armature and item. So all I end up exporting is the model.

Anybody have any idea what I’m doing wrong? I’ve added keyframes and can play them back in blender, the chicken export just doesn’t seem to detect that.

I’m using Chicken R81 and Blender 2.49b. Thanks!

please watch the video tutorial about animations carefully.
most common problems with armatures are:
-you used “parenting” instead of the “armature modifier”
-you use envelopes for weight-asignment (this usualy throws a warning in chicken)
so if i had to guess. you’r propably not using the armature modifier but parented mesh and armature. if you follow the instructions in the video it should work just fine.