Blender Users: Pointlight Issue

For those of you who use Blender…

Has anyone noticed how objects receiving light from pointlights will always be darker on the top portion regardless of distance/position from the pointlight?

For example, if you had a chair model placed near a pointlight that was position higher up, as on a ceiling, you would expect the seat part of that chair to look highlighted from the light source since it is lower than the light and pointlights shine in all directions; not so in Blender. The sides of the objects always seems to get the correct lighting value, but never the top (with the light being above).

Another thing… If you create a room and place a pointlight in it, the ceiling of the room will stay dark. Could this be a bad shader calculation?

bldr 2.49

Maybe a problem with the normals again :slight_smile:
Try to recalculate or flip the faces manually

It does indeed read as though you’ve ended up with your normals flipped. One way to check this, I believe, is to turn on “backface culling” (I believe that in my version of Blender this is found in the “Properties” panel of the 3D view, accessible by pressing ‘N’, specifically in the section labelled “Display”): if your model suddenly looks hollow (or even disappeares entirely), then your normals are probably inverted. As heek_ suggests, either flip them or – perhaps safer – have Blender recalculate them.