Blender to Panda Tutorial...?

Hi all,

Just wanted to drop a line, I am new to the boards. I am a pretty good software engineer, but I have little to know artistic talent, and never have really used either tool. (this is a new area for me)

I was wondering, if someone had, or was willing to put together a series of blender and Panda3d combined Tuts, that build up a simple game.

Or, point out a series/combination of tuts that would have the same effect.

If making it, I am thinking something along the following lines:

Blender, make a ball -> export it
Panda, import ball, move it around a ‘world’

Blender, add a texture to the ball

eventually up to some simple game, maybe using ODE for the ball’s actions, say, ‘shooting’ through a basketball hoop with sounds etc. or whatever.

In the mean time I am going to peg through all the tutorials for both apps. My real goal is eventually to apply panda to my Medical Imaging code after I grasp how to really use it well. Not sure if that is even possible, but would love to take CT scans and figure out how to animate them :smiley:


Well panda and blender are both very easy to use.
You have chosen good tools.

Anyway, here’s what you need.
go to google and type in chicken exporter.
It exports blender models into the egg model file format that panda uses.
Now copy this python script and paste it into your blender
folder under .blender then scripts.
Now when blender starts up it should be imported.

This is a very basic view of solving your problem:
If you want to know how to do things properly
google search for Noob to pro (a blender tutorial)
google search for blender tutorial guide
and download the panda manual and reference guide.
If you don’t know python go to for docs.
You can call panda from c++ if you want.

Anyway here is some help.
In blender, once the program has started, right click on the cube and
press x, then click ok.
Then press spacebar and add mesh, icosphere (I think).
Once that is made you can give it a color.
Then when the model is complete click , file - export - chicken
Then export the model somewhere.
Read the panda3d manual, skim through till you see a picture of grass
and rocks.
Use that code in a python script and place the name of the sphere you
made in place of environment.

Umm, typing in “chicken exporter” might not be the best way to get to the exporter’s homepage (… you get lots of results about the export of chickens however :laughing:

Thanks for the information, and the link.

I’ll get going on some of the tutorials. Plus sample applications that are floating around are handy.

It’ll probably be while before I come back with anything buy problems related to tutorials…:smiley: