[Blender] Objects shading in blender look wierd

First of all… i have no clue how the pkr thing got there on the screenshot lol… i dont even know what it is.

Ok i should probably post this in blender forum or something but i thought i would try here first. Im sure it wont affect the model itself once loaded into the game but it is hard to model with it and its annoying. Im using ubuntu and in blender my objects have weird shading. Here is what i mean:

Does anyone know what i can do to fix this?

My graphics card is ati radeon x1300 Pro . I wont have to put up with it for long because im getting a new computer soon but for no i would like it gone if my graphics card is the problem. (on windows blender was fine) i just think the open source driver im using is the problem but i dont know what to do.

either, you assigned a really strange material to your model. or you made some really strange light-setup for solid mode (most people dont even know where to change these settings in blender). or your grafic-driver is messing up.
does the problem vanish if you delete the object’s material?