Blender Model Export Using Chicken

Hey, I strted out with panda3D the other day and wanted to make a model in blender so I could use it in my C++ code. I found out that Chicken was the easiest way to do it so I donloaded it. I followed the installation steps and did everything it said to do. However, when I want to export a model from blender using the Chicken format I get: “Chicken Error: chicken_interface could not be imported. Chicken will not work without this module. The error was: The Chicken Interface requires a full Python install. Cannot Continue.”

Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? thanks :open_mouth:

If its just this: It can be solved as simple as installing python 2.6 (if youre using the current blender version)

Thanks for the reply, I’ll try it…

Thanks, it worked :smiley: