Blender file with multiple objects

Hi all,

I have a blender file containing two objects: a torch handle, and a torch fire. I have an animation on the torch fire. I wish to open this file as an actor so I can loop the torch fire animation. However, when I open this file (either directly as a blend file or as a bam file) I can not see the torch handle. Presumably because it does not have an animation attached to it like the fire does. The only way for me to get the full model is by opening it as a model, but then I can’t animate it because it’s not an actor. How would I go about getting the whole torch into the game, while being able to play the animation for the torch fire?

Thankful for all help.

EDIT: I have now been upped a trust level, and given permission to upload an attachment. I have attached the blender file for the torch to this post.torch.blend (1.0 MB)

The simplest way might be to just include the handle in the animation–even if nothing actually changes about the handle. That way it should be detected as part of the Actor and so be displayed.

Thank you for your reply.

I really thought that would solve my issue! Unfortunately, it seems the torch fire is the only part detected as actor. When I play the animation meant for the handle, the torch fire is animated instead.

I am getting other visual bugs, such as the torch fire being stretched. I am starting to wonder if this is because of my blender version (2.90.1). I’m very new to this engine and it seems people are using blender 2.7 or 2.8. It’s still kind of weird though, since I recall reading that blend2bam should work fine with blender 2.9.

I have attached the blender file to my original post should that be of interest!

Ah, I’m using 2.78 myself–and it looks like that version doesn’t successfully open your blend-file (understandably, given the difference in versions).

(Speaking for myself, I’m sticking with the older version of Blender in part so that my asset pipeline doesn’t change in the middle of a large project, and in part simply because I’m familiar with the older version.)

Hum… In Blender, when you play the animation meant for your handle, does it affect the handle? Or does it likewise affect the torch?

I see.

Everything seems to be perfect in Blender. The handle animation affects only the handle, the torch fire animation only the torch fire.

But even forgoing the animation issue, I’ve now tried to directly open up the .blend file for my model in Panda3d, and it looks really different and distorted. Here are pictures showing how it looks in blender and how it looks in the engine:

The torch fire is stretched in a very strange way (the animations I have don’t stretch it that far). The handle is missing its texture too. I suppose I could try and somehow merge the two objects into one in blender? Or just have the torch fire and it’s animation in one file, the handle in another, and put the models together in panda3d by means of positioning. Both of those methods seem awfully complicated for what I’m trying to do though, heh.

I feel I will only run into more issues if I keep running this 2.9 + blend2bam set up, and the lack of debugging functionality that comes with not having access to .egg files is rather frustrating too. I’ll download 2.78 + Yabee and recreate the torch there, hopefully without issues.

Good luck with 2.78 and YABEE! I hope that you do find more success there! And I’m sorry to read that you’ve been having such trouble with 2.9 and blend2bam!

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Hi, sorry for being late, but I don’t recommend going down this route. YABEE doesn’t support Blender 2.8 or above.

There is an unofficial fork of YABEE that does, but it has problems and is designed solely for use with the RenderPipeline.

None of the exporters support animating something that is not an armature bone. If you want to animate it in Blender and export that to Panda, you’ll have to create an armature. Otherwise, you’ll have to animate it in Panda3D.

If you are having an issue with a model working incorrectly in blend2bam, please file a bug on the blend2bam repository! That ensures it will get to the attention of the right people.