Blender export animation with eggX2

Because my chicken is error I use eggX2. I am successfully exporting an animated model with armature. But the animation won’t play in panda. Exporting not correctly? How to export animation with eggX2? Is it one file with the model?

I guess you mean “x2egg” by saying “eggX2”?

>> x2egg -help

This program converts DirectX retained-mode (.x) files to egg.  Polygon
meshes, materials, and textures, as well as skeleton animation and
skinning data, are supported.  All animations found in the source .x
file are written together into the same egg file.

Also I suppose you read this: … om_Blender

no. I mean this exporter:
Actually I have solve the problem in using this exporter. But only for simple model + armature with animation. I don’t try yet for more complex model.

This thing seems to be very, very old. I doubt it can be reliable and I doubt you can get any help with it when hitting a wall. I suggest you revisit Chicken or try switching to Blender 2.58 with YABEE. The later might not be extensively tested yet, but it’s actively developed, which means you will get help when something goes wrong.

Since you mention x2egg, does it matter:

Note however, when an animated X file is converted to egg, the resulting egg file only plays the keyframes, but not whats supposed to be in between. For example, an animation could exist that should spawn 200 frames, gets sized down to about 40, and playback looks shakey. This shakeyness happens because the X file format supports the concept of keyframes, with implicit frames interpolated between them. The egg file format is explicit. An egg file must give all of the frames of an animation, even the frames that appear between "keyframes". 

…or what does it mean? And is it right .x don’t support collision?