Blender Egg Exporter Plugin (omUlete)

To challenge myself, and to gradually make my pipeline easier, I decided to try writing a egg exporter plugin for blender.

Right now it at most supports textured static geometry, but unapplied transforms (in blender) are ignored. I’m hoping to add more features eventually, but I don’t know If I’ll get opportunities to work on it that often, however.

The plugin and instructions for instalation can be found here:

edit: fixed name of repo


That looks like a nice start–well done! :slight_smile:

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Hello All! Today I’m happy to announce the second version of this exporter!

It’s not anything TOO exciting, like animation or tagging.
Rather, this update started as an attempt to fix the known-about issue with translations not being reflected on the exported models. However, I quickly found that I had massively underestimated the scale of the issue! (See what I did there?)

Turns out unapplied transformations can really stack up! especially when scale and rotation are involved.

but now we now have a nice fully transformed model!

Also, I added a checkbox for whether you only want to export objects that are currently selected (and their children.) That was a pretty big omission, so I’m glad to get that done. Unfortunately children of selected objects will still export, even if they themselves are not selected.

The latest release is available on the github!

You could probably tell from the model I used for testing, but I’m gearing up to work on animation exports! But… that might have to wait until I’m back from my study abroad.


This looks to be a good bug-fix release, I do think! :slight_smile:

And enjoy your study abroad! I hope that it goes well, and is an excellent experience for you! :slight_smile:

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I’ve added to the exporter the ability to export rigged characters based on armatures. this is to my understanding not very useful on it’s own.
Also, I’ve finally changed to the final name of the project, meaning it now has a different URL.


Great work!

Good news everyone!
The skeletal animation update is finally here!
you can grab it from here.
Now then, the next logical thing to start working on would of course be morph animation!
But alas, I’m taking a break from this project. The blender API is too confusing, and I want to focus on developing my game for now.


I’ve written an update to omUlete which can be found here.
This update fixes a problem that was causing the number of vertices in the final egg file to be double of what they need to be, and a questionable decision by my younger self that caused objects to be outright removed from the final egg’s hierarchy if they weren’t meshes or armatures. Now you can build complex hierarchy all you want. (However, this doesn’t mean curve support or converting other objects to meshes.)

As it is, I’m only updating omUlete whenever I encounter an issue that is a problem to me personally. If you notice any problems, please feel free to reach out!

edit: I have now fixed several bugs.

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Fixed awful bug, couldn’t address blender oddities.

New release again! This time i’ve finally added support for tags and collision shapes.

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