[Blender] Collision


I make a simulator and I have a problem. I used to learn Panda this program ( discourse.panda3d.org/viewtopic.php?t=3433 ).
But when I create my world and used in the game. The actor dont move. He see a collision all the time.

So, I think the collision of the world is create in blender. I use a file .bam but I have a same problem.

How create a collision for Panda3D in Blender

PS : sorry for my bad english, I am french.

You need to do some manual editing in the .egg file after exporting it from blender. You need to add the { Polyset keep descend } tag inside the {} node you want to be collidable.
Search the forums about this – there are plenty of posts for this.

The Chicken documentation also has information on setting geometry to be collision geometry from blender itself.

the documentation that came with chicken 1.0 don’t come with this part, where i can find it?

I think you are wrong about this. This kind of information IS NOT in the Chicken documentation,but it has been discussed in thread here on the Panda 3d forum. So search for +Chicken +Collision.

There is a screenshot of where to set this in Blender in the Chicken documentation, it can be found in bpydata/chicken. The default ObjectTypes are in the manual. So to to set certain geometry to be a collision geometry set its object type to Barrier.

If I place “Collide” tag for an object in the .egg file, is it recognized by Panda ODE implementation or only by built-in collision/physics system?

Only by the built-in collision system. To use it with ODE, you need to create a trimesh as described in the manual.

ZeroByte: And nowhere in that quote from the chicken documentation does it say anything about Collision,Barriers or anything to do with collisions or physics. One would have to know how to add a collision sphere in and .egg file. That is documented here on the forum. But what you said was that it was in the chicken docs and once again it is NOT.

You’re right about the Chicken documentation not being explicit about what ObjectTypes can be used for but I suppose the author might have been a bit presumptive that users would know what ObjectType does. It’s not that well documented in the Panda manual, I just came across it when reading the EggSyntax document

An ObjectType is the equivalent of setting collision geometry without having to edit the .egg file manually. You can create a sphere in blender and give it a Sphere object type using the above method and the exported egg file will create a sphere collision node when it is loaded in panda. Similarly setting a geometry’s object type to Barrier makes it an invisible collision solid. Normally this should be lower poly than your visual level geometry so its much more useful than editing your egg file with " { Polyset keep descend }"