Blender + Chicken R52+ animated character - Textures ??

Hy guys

I 've some problem with Chicken. When i export unnanimated models everything goes right. But when is a rigged character the model and animations goes right, but i lost the color texture. So why? :frowning:

I try with packed data … then i try with unpacked data and same results…
My modesl have no normal maps, glow maps … just color map! Simple texture … :confused:


We will probably need more information, but the textures must defiantly be unpacked and in a format that panda can load - all Chicken does is write the paths to the textures into the file - the textures then need to be at those locations and loadable by Panda.

What happens when you use pview? That is always a good sanity test. (Make sure to hit l to check with lighting.) Other than that the easiest approach is to stick your model online and give us a link so we can have a look at it and work out what the problem is. Alternatively feel free to e-mail it to me - I’ll only use it to debug your problem.

I’m just curious texugo, but why are you still using R52 while the newest is R71b?

Why i’m using R52? I’m using R52 'cos i’m a misinformate person :stuck_out_tongue:
I download R71 and everything runs fine :laughing:

Lethe and astelix, thanx for support
I love u guys :smiley: