Blender + chicken issue... I think... I guess.... I hope

Hi everyone, this is a small and direct question:

Where I’m supossed to put the egg script for blender in linux… :frowning:?

I’m new to Linux and don’t have a clue of where to put the blender scripts. Hope someone can help…


Forgive my bad english.

in your home dir there should be dir
in there is scripts/
yet if you build blender yourself (like i do) it might be the ~./linux/release/blender some thing…

when in blender, look at the top bar, there should be something like SR:2 MODEL.
Click on that menu, then choose SR:5(or 6?) scripting.

There should be a big grey window at the right, either paste the code or make File->Open(…), in the gray window, not in the 3d window, then choose path, then right click somewhere in the gray window(there should be code lines in it now) and make: execute script.

Hope this helps!