Blender animation file (YABEE) is empty

I have a bunch of actions and I export it from blender through YABEE, all the animation files are created, but all are empty, that is when I open in it pview, i get:

:framework(warning): Empty bounding volume for models

Also there is nothing in the scene, but all these files are occupying space, around 100KB.

The steps I used:
1)Select object’s armature, which is parented to the object.
2)Go to export, Panda3D egg
3)All actions as animation -> yes;
Animation only -> no;
Separate animation files -? yes;
All the other settings are at default

Then I go to location and go through all exported files, all empty.

If I’m not much mistaken, YABEE exports only the objects that you select, regardless of parentage. Thus, if you’re selecting only the armature, then you’re presumably exporting only the armature, and thus not exporting the mesh itself.

Now the main model appears, but not the animations, they are still empty.

To check, do you have your animations stored as actions?

If so, can you perhaps create a simple blend-file that displays the problem? (Something like a simple cube with a two-bone armature and, say, two basic animations.) It might be easier to diagnose if I can look at the file itself.

I found out that if i load the model animation in python, it works, but not in pview. I think you may have to specify the geometry path file before you can load that file’s animation, how would you do that in pview?

Generally speaking, to view a model with animations in PView, you simply pass both the model-file and all animation files to PView when running it. Something like this:

pview myModel.egg myModel-animation1.egg myModel-animation2.egg

YABEE’s option to call PView after exporting should do this automatically, if you’re exporting your model and animations all at once.

You may need to add the -i flag to pview to force it to match the animation to the model even if their names don’t match.